Hot Mop


Shower Pan Waterproofing

The old Hot Mop process has been around since 1906, although the concept has been around since Roman times and the sunken Roman Tub.  Many products come and go claiming to be the next best thing and the Hot Mops replacement, but to no avail, the hot mop works best and lasts far longer in most applications. Hot Mop shower pans have been known to last 50+ years!

We MOP all of our Hot Mop jobs, nothing is ever troweled, that is NOT a true Hot Mop.

What's a Hot Mop?

It's all in the name Hot "MOP"....can you imagine hand troweling 500 degree tar on the floor..."before" the first sheet of felt, on the walls, in corners, layer after layer?

How can the tar possibly "penetrate" the surfaces and the paper for complete and proper adhesion? IT CAN'T! 


Shower Pan Drain

Hot Mopping

After the Hot Mop

Why Hot Mop?